May 20, 2010

May 14, 2010

Dont Panic Magazine

Dont panic 's online magazine pap'd me and the girlies. 

ON some real shitttt....what was i looking at?

My hair has grown out aswell.. ekkk... i need to do something about it....ASAP


May 13, 2010

Dope Chef Currency

I had to return it ..... it was a little tight on the chest area. [sulky face]
a replacement is in the post as we speak!! woooho 

May 9, 2010



Lookey what i just bought!!
 a tee with Lisa Bonet on it [zoe kravitz mummy]

I think T-shirt party are wicked actually, cannnn't wait for it to arrive!!!
check out T-shirt party here

Kelis @ The Coronet

So i went to go see Kelis on friday at the Coronet [pause]
 Me and my girl got our dance ornnn'
It started off as a good night.......but then some women kept tryna dry hump me......[crickets]
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Kelis was 2 hours late because she was in brighton and was actually meant to be on the stage at 2:15am... IMAGINE not only was there loads of randoms at the club me and florie getting haressed by people because of a ho dancing.
It finally got a bit much towards the end of the night, because it started to get really dry and the final set of  dj's got extremely bland those mofo's had me wishing i was in bed reading my books. .
It hurt my soul that she arrived at 3:48am-ish  because i was VERY TIRED and then she exited the stage at 4am she was on the stage for about 17 minutes?

17mins ya na?... [echoes] 17 MINUTES!
Anyway because i love her so much i really tried to enjoy it as much as poss... the performance was very flimsy compared to when i saw her in 1999/2000 at shephards bush, she was GREAT then. 
On a whole a very disapointing performance Kelis 

May 6, 2010


What a mug?


Labour have been in power since 1997 and have never been as unpopular during their 13 year reign as they have been since Gordon Brown moved into number 10. We follow Mo Iqbal, who is hoping to be the youngest councillor in Greenwich for Labour at 23, to find out what it takes to be young, political, and a Bollywood dancer. 

May 4, 2010

Teenagers in tokyo

Im in love with Samantha Lim[Vocals].... That is all

Why wont you love me?

Never, thought i'ld see the day were i would make a post about Beyonce! 
She bagged me with the make up & lingerie, Those are obviously my two favorite things in the world ever!
Watch the rest of the video here