Apr 26, 2010

Rufio Summers .....phwoaaarr

Alright, I no i said i had a lot of uni work and i wont be blogging a lot... But i lied. I suddenly remembered i had looooooooooooooads to blog about?!?!?!

[picture from Trapstar clothing]

Yeeeeee..... i no. He's well fit init?????? 

*serious face*
Ladies and Gentle-boys, I introduce to you Rufio Summers *round of applause* 
He is a 23 year old multi talented singer, song writer, producer...whatevvver, who is from the Southwest of England some were ...*shrugs*
LISTEN! The point is he is VERY VERY talented and he's fit and did I say... FIT?
 what else do you need from a musician. 
*two thumps up*
 He's currently in the studio working on his first album and is planning to play a string of gigs around the UK this year. 
Now ladies  if you know what is good for you... make sure you go see his gigs, so you can throw your panties at him on stage. OKAY? 

Now go get your groupie on....

If you would like to book him contact info@aftershockmanagement.com 

Apr 25, 2010


P. diddy's son said he loved me guys.....

[click to enlarge]

'no he didnt hannah'
ok he never... BUT he still responded *sigh* hes so cute mannnn... i am such a cougar. I'm  pretty sure he is old enough to be my son. **wide eye** 

Apr 24, 2010

Weekend STYLE

[hat: charity shop top: american apperal  denim waist coat: DIY/charity shop shorts: vintage boots: vintage belt: vintage]

Quick Message.

Heyyyy everyone! 
just letting you know i am going to be putting a pause on the blogging till my work is done next month ish... May's gonna be realllyyyyy busy i'm trying my hardest not to get kicked out of university right now lol i am also looking for a placement, i might make a few posts here and their but for now... the fashiony ones will definitely be on hold for a bit until i am more focused also i've just joined the vice magazine blogging network!! 
 [spins around in a circle sound of music stylie] 
I'm reallyyyy happy because i'm a BIG FAN of vice magazine there wicked man...
ANYWAY what else is there to say!!! 
I've been buying and selling on ebay?.... Spending money excessively...looking for a part time job? .....hmmmmmm nothings really new if im honest ive been staying at home alot..I've also discovered I do not like 'scene' in particular musicians.... They need to get a life humbleness takes you far in this world TRUST ME. 
Anyway peace and love homies!!!


Me naaaaaaa want no boring whine.

**mouth wide open**
I need to be able to dance like that before the end of the year...

Apr 19, 2010

Im well skint....

so im selling stuff on ebay take a look here!!

Apr 11, 2010

Got myself alittle gift from agent provacatuer todaayyy,
she's called fifi i wont tell you how much she cost.

[picture from agent provacatuer ]

Suchhhh a shame im single....Mehhrr.

Apr 8, 2010

Tokyo Fashion


Recently ive started to get really inspired by japanese street style, everything about the way the japanese mixwestern culture with there own is so inspirational. I found the greatest blog called TokyoFashion which is jammed packed with japanese fashion and news i absolutely love it!
Hopefully as my blog develops i am going to try and branch my blog towards the street style & trends side of things... soon enoughh any way these are my fav images for the moment!

Apr 3, 2010

My little pony, my little ponyyy isn't the world a lovely placeee

Basically ive becomeeee obssssssesed with my little pony for some obscure reason.... i would say its manly because i would loveeee to have there hair colour and my mate leeann has the most amazing lavender colour hair, this washed out grey lavender, bubble gum pink look, has been seeping from the catwalk for the last two to three fashion week seasons now and my fav blogger tavi has dyed her hair this way too and kelis has dyed her hair grey TOO, DAAAMMIT!!!!!.... i waanaaa do this to my hair soooo bad!
[cries with snot dripping down her nose] i am blesed with beautiful thick chemically straightened afro hair, if your hair is chemically straightend you cant just dye your hair n e way you want..**huff** also it might look a bit strange..[which i dont mind] cuz im sexual chocolate but then on the flip side it might look a bit bashment [google it if you dont no what im talking about]
if i was to take the risk .. i would:
A. have NO hair left atttt all...
B. Look like a yardy....... or lil kim
So im not gonna risk it im just gonna glue in a colour or somethng ill keep you posted on my hair escapades anywayyy lol

For now ill look like this......

[sad face]

Apr 2, 2010