Feb 6, 2011

Im itching to be arty again...

what do you think?

Sekinah Sunrise

Basically i have a tumblr now WOOHO ...
which i think might be easier for me to do update and blog ... il double check on the apple app store if blogger has an app or something if not looks like we may be divorcing blogger muha ha actually... to be fair i kinda prefer it  lol

Check it out! here
make sure you follow, reblog, whatever... 

i got new hair.. long braids down to my booty poetic justice style 

What else is new?

I start a placement with Varg Pr on Monday which I'm frikking excited about the ladies are so amazing! 
Fashion week is round the corner... 
Im celibate lol... im dating.. im single
its all good right now, i smile alot more... the only shitty thing is 
but im still thankful to Allah (SWT) cuz heaven knows last year was TOUGH, everything is definitely looking up