Apr 24, 2010

Quick Message.

Heyyyy everyone! 
just letting you know i am going to be putting a pause on the blogging till my work is done next month ish... May's gonna be realllyyyyy busy i'm trying my hardest not to get kicked out of university right now lol i am also looking for a placement, i might make a few posts here and their but for now... the fashiony ones will definitely be on hold for a bit until i am more focused also i've just joined the vice magazine blogging network!! 
 [spins around in a circle sound of music stylie] 
I'm reallyyyy happy because i'm a BIG FAN of vice magazine there wicked man...
ANYWAY what else is there to say!!! 
I've been buying and selling on ebay?.... Spending money excessively...looking for a part time job? .....hmmmmmm nothings really new if im honest ive been staying at home alot..I've also discovered I do not like 'scene' in particular musicians.... They need to get a life humbleness takes you far in this world TRUST ME. 
Anyway peace and love homies!!!


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