May 9, 2010

Kelis @ The Coronet

So i went to go see Kelis on friday at the Coronet [pause]
 Me and my girl got our dance ornnn'
It started off as a good night.......but then some women kept tryna dry hump me......[crickets]
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Kelis was 2 hours late because she was in brighton and was actually meant to be on the stage at 2:15am... IMAGINE not only was there loads of randoms at the club me and florie getting haressed by people because of a ho dancing.
It finally got a bit much towards the end of the night, because it started to get really dry and the final set of  dj's got extremely bland those mofo's had me wishing i was in bed reading my books. .
It hurt my soul that she arrived at 3:48am-ish  because i was VERY TIRED and then she exited the stage at 4am she was on the stage for about 17 minutes?

17mins ya na?... [echoes] 17 MINUTES!
Anyway because i love her so much i really tried to enjoy it as much as poss... the performance was very flimsy compared to when i saw her in 1999/2000 at shephards bush, she was GREAT then. 
On a whole a very disapointing performance Kelis 


R.Paris said...

I can only imagine ur frustration...
at least u looked gd!


Hannarnia said...