Mar 1, 2010

Who is Hannah Balogun anyway?

Basically i just thought i would run a serious introduction on who i am and what i do.
I am a second year student at the university of east london studying fashion future, predicting future trends, movements as well as researching a variety of things. I always find it really hard to explain my course lol because we literally cover evvvvverything on trends and how they happen!

so in a nut shell i am a futuroligist... **shrugs**

all im saying yeh, is... i CANNOT WAIT TO GRADUATE!
i feel like ive been at uni forever.

Outside of university i have been really strong work experience within the fashion industry already.
At the age of 16 i worked at Giles Deacons studio

Assisted Stylists
  • Cynthia Lawrence John,
  • Karl Plukar
  • Marcella Martinelli
  • Kesh
  • Jay Wilson
  • Coco Cassiba
  • Cassette Playa
  • Hershey Pascual
  • Namalee Bolle
I was also interviewed for a job at issy miyake when i was 19 didnt get the job because they felt i was too young however she was very impressed with my cv lol...

Currently im Fashion assistant/Namalee Bolles Assistant at the super super magazine which ive been doing for a while!!! & i love it! EVERYONE AT SUPER SUPER IS AAAAMAZING!

lucky for me through being at super super i got featured in an article for fashion assistant in grazia magazine sometime last year here it is!!

ive tried a bit of styling for my self but to be honest... ive put that on hold for a while. I styled a few bits here and there collaborated with Danielle Scott Haugton for Cut & Swallow on a few fashion shows & shoots also these three videos
  • Afrikan Boy-Lagos Town
  • Rope Chain Spiller Kids-Cant Do it like me
  • Jeeday Jawz-Getting that paper
... youtube them or whatever

For some people ...there lucky enough to do this at fashion week.


i do this at 5am... the morning before!!!
not complaining of course...**nervous laugh**

i assisted[for 6 seasons now] the AAAAAAMAZING Basso & Brooke...if you dont know who they are what planet have you been living on!
These boys are the KINGS and creators of cutting edge digital prints pon garments init.
**Tim Westwood voice**Forget all the copy cats... Chris & Bruno are the boss like rick ross.
[top image SS08 middle image SS10 bottom image ss09 images from]

I would sell my boobs for all three of these dresssssses [nudge nudge nudge wink wink] ....and the shoes [im a size 5.5]!!!!!!
I have soooo much to write about these guys that im gonna make a seperate post SOOOO T.B.C

...thats all i can remember for now. But just know i am destined for greatness i am and always will be a very humble person i don't scream or shout about what i do... i just let my work and experience speak for its self really.

anyway toodles for now...



Monique x (@MMFashionistar) said...

You miss are on point!! MMFashionistar who?! loool For your age you have achieved mountainssss. Something to be proud of, not many can boast of your cv.

P.C. WILLIAMS said...

You tell em sugar :) xx