Feb 18, 2010

Introductions and Ting.

Hello WORLD!!!! My name is Hannah aka Hannarnia [pronouced HAN-NAR-NIA] aka Dolphin aka Trouble aka... who gives a damn.

[me and namalee my mentor shes the bestest]

This blog will probably be the most random inconsistent thing you will ever read in your life i never have time for anything because:
  1. i am very lazy student in her second year of uni. [for the second time YES..wattta'shyame]
  2. i hate writing.
  3. i am dyslexic so my spelling is OFF... i try tho, i am not a dictionary so do not judge, get me...
  4. Fashion is my first love even tho i don't act like it.. its really true tho i promise.
  5. 60% of the time i'll probably blog about how shit men are and how crap uni is please bare with me.
I'm from South East London, Lewisham sides to be exact

[FYI i do NOT promote gang VIOLENCE!]
I'm well proud of my ends....i really i am Forget snor-ditch I WILL FOREVER BE a lewisham kid!!!!!!!!!

Even tho teen pregnancy is high [KIDS USE A CONDOM] & the rude boys STILL hang outside morleys in catford there really aint no where like lewisham centre and
The catford cat...thats all really lol.

duno why i spent 15minutes writing about lewisham this place is a shit hole.


I promise to:
  1. Make you laugh
  2. educate and inform you on whatever interests me at the time.
  3. and to be emo every 5-7 days.
[cheesy grin] ill probably make another post soon complaining about how life sucks or how amazing Ricardo Tisci is. [bows in regal honour]

BYE LOVERS. xoxoxo


Jade spade sipping lemonade in the shade said...

naahhhce naahhcee

Hannarnia said...

lmfao well jade space thank ya VERY MUSH

That London girl said...

ahhhh i's love it already
you dislexic head
pahahhaha xxxxx

miss mei said...